Polselli Lab

State-of-the-art professional laboratory
Polselli Lab is the evolution of our academy, a modern living and pulsating laboratory of training and cultural sharing in support of the agri-food chain, to teach and disseminate processing methods and to promote sustainable choices, circular economy and zero emissions. A meeting place where various figures linked to the art of milling meet Masters of flour, pizza makers and bakers to share experiences.
Sharing, culture, knowledge
It is here that we wish to deepen, increase and improve knowledge and attitudes, understand the characteristics of flour, discuss issues related to sustainability, ecology and marketing. Comparison and sharing on new trends and technologies are very important topics for us, capable of creating real value by combining craftsmanship with the most modern production technologies, in a fun and informal environment.
We experiment with innovative techniques
Polselli Lab is a place where you can test our flours, but above all develop the research for increasingly innovative products and recipes together with the best professionals in the sector, capable of providing ideas and responding to the needs of nutritional science and customers who are increasingly on the lookout of excellence.


Do you want to become a pizza maker?
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