Contemporary Pizza

Of GIACOMO GARAU - Pulcinella Trophy (NAPLES) - Contemporary Pizza Category


– 20th November, Cracovia (Polonia)
– 03rd December, Porto (Portogallo)
– 20th Genuary, SIGEP (2020)
– 28th Genuary, Dublino (Irlanda)


GIACOMO GARAU, pizza maker and owner of the Olio and Basilico pizzeria in the province of Caserta, has always stood out for his professionalism.


The search for the raw material and the study of the various bread-making techniques have decreed the success of his activity over the years.


Giacomo bakes with alternative flour, such as hemp, burnt wheat, turmeric and multigrain as well as “0” type flour. All the proposed mixes stand out for their high digestibility.


His pizza is “light, hydrated and delicious” as he himself states; has decided to make its experience available to all those who want to discuss this unique product, contemporary pizza.


In September 2019, he won the first prize of the Pulcinella Trophy, Contemporary Pizza category decreeing his high level of specialization.