The Production cycle


1 – Sowing and harvesting

POLSELLI quality begins in the field. The quality of the raw materials is guaranteed by careful selection of the types of wheat, areas for growing the wheat and farming techniques. These choices help to ensure a healthy end product and to maintain its original organoleptic properties, protein quality and correct mineral salt content.

2 – Selection and storage

The grain selection and storage processes play a decisive role in protecting consumer health. Thanks to a rigorous monitoring system, based on the work of agronomists, lab technicians and researchers, and of course on the thousands of farmers who implement strict production methods, POLSELLI can guarantee the quality of its products and maintain its daily promise to deliver Only the Best.

3 – Milling the grain

All of our experience can be expressed in just one word – milling. POLSELLI has been turning wheat into flour for almost a century without adding anything to it. Its flour making uses the latest technology. Each pure grain is ground to produce a natural, additive-free product. A gentle extraction process ensures only the heart of the grain becomes part of the blend.

4 -Blends

22 different types of grain are used in each product to produce over 30 different blends, each of which is of a high quality standard. Our storage facilities ensure consumers can count on a product with the same organoleptic products throughout the year. Every blend is the result of experience, technology and skill.

5 – Distribution

POLSELLI operates throughout Italy using its own integrated logistics system, which ensures that products are delivered precisely and safely, with door-to-door control and timely deliveries. The company operates in more than thirty countries around the world, exporting products, blends and Italian quality. Thanks to its traceability system, the company monitors every product from the factory to the customer.