Italian hospitality

The Tirreno C.T. a true point of reference for the hospitality industry of the entire center of Italy, it is able to offer a comprehensive overview of tourist, commercial and hotel innovations. A peculiar characteristic of TIRRENO C.T. which continues to attract thousands of traders, is the massive presence of trade associations, more and more exhibitors, conferences and round tables on topical issues, tastings, international competitions and demonstrations, which remain the key to the success of the event. If round tables and conferences allowed us to update on the latest trends, the opportunity to see the work of the greatest masters of catering was an unmatched stimulus for all visitors. The Merchant Industries of Tirreno C.T. cover all the panorama of the offer, both of products and of equipment and services for restaurants, hotels, bars, pastry shops, pizzerias, bakeries, ice-cream shops and communities.