HACCP System

A self-monitoring process by which the company monitors the entire production and distribution process in order to ensure that it is safe for the end consumer.


ISO 9001:2008

A quality management system which ensures the corporate processes are correctly structured in order to ensure constant improvements in performance. This method guarantees constant quality levels in the products and services offered to customers and consumers.


ISO 22005

100% product traceability. This procedure traces the handling of all products, and is a valid tool for ensuring food safety and quality, by keeping a record of the origin of ingredients and their placement on the market, in order to allow their withdrawal should it be necessary.


The standard for excellence on the international food security.
The company, in continuous investment program gets the BRC, a guarantee instrument about the reliability of the company, whose main purpose is to strengthen and promote food security.


This international standard based ensures the quality and safety of products.
The requirements in this standard are based on the quality management systems, the HACCP system, and a set of GMP, GLP and GHP (Good Hygiene Practice).

World Halal Authority

The Company after having put in place a process of growth and training aimed to observe the requirements of Islamic culture in the creation of its products. From here, it follows this important certification by meeting the requests from customers and territories sensitive to these issues. From today, the Company has an even more international.


Cibi Qualitas

A voluntary certificate that aims to promote and reward quality, food and product health and safety through the use of suitable production systems ensuring there is no product contamination and monitoring systems that guarantee certain quality and food safety standards.


Vera Pizza Napoletana

The company, every day, is committed to the protection of typical Italian and its products. With the certification, “Vera Pizza Napoletana”, it intends to be an active part in promoting in Italy and in the world of pizza in compliance with the International Regulations.

Authentic pizza pan

The Company promotes and protects one of the most important products of the Italian tradition, the Pizza in baking tray alla Romana.
The strength of its local presence, the Polselli become a technical partner of the first and most important industry association in compliance with the specification in order to raise awareness of this product in Italy and in the world.