Festival Polselli

International Award of Pizza
between Music and Art

An event where you meet experience between them unique and heterogeneous, where food products are the protagonists of the territories, where the art of taste blends with that of pleasure. An event that involves the industry, pizza makers, chefs and lovers of good taste.
Three days of know-how, through tastings, lectures and demonstrations of great pizza. A path of food culture that ends with an award where the pizza professionals and insiders are the protagonists and the winners will be chosen from those who, with taste and creativity, has managed to combine the best tradition with new food trends.
Within the area will be set up ISLANDS devoted to the various specialties, from pizza to Roman pizza from pizza to hemp to that fried. Each island will be attended by experienced professionals who are distinguished by their ability to innovate.
It will be up to each prepare the various specialties, offering it to the public and explaining the techniques, secrets and curiosities of the art of pizza.


The Prize POLSELLI is a recognition that is assigned to professionals of food and wine, which are distinguished for their ability to preserve food traditions Italian.
The Award, landmark style Italian food, is an instrument through which the family Polselli intends encouraging and promoting the pleasure and the rediscovery of the Italian traditions, promoting a culture of “doing well.”


• Saturday, June 13

17.00: Opening of the Festival
18.00: Opening of the “Islands of Pizza”
21.00: Concert of the band Street “Do Re Music”


• Sunday, June 14
18.00: Opening of the “Islands of Pizza”
21.00: Concert of “US Naval Force Europe Jazz Ensemble”


• Monday June 15
Conference: Pizza, what future?

17.00: Registration of participants
17.30: Start of construction


Massimo Di Porzio – True Neapolitan Pizza Association
Luigi Stamerra – Association Pizzaioli Professionals
Ettore Mastelloni – Forum “The Brotherhood of Pizza”
Augusto Cestra – President Confartigianato Frosinone
Sarah Ancarola – CEO Project “Excellencies of the South”


Salvatore Di Matteo – Master Pizzaiolo and Neapolitan fryers
Maurizio Capodicasa – Master Pizzaiolo


Alessandro Venturini – Journalist enogastronomico

18.00: Opening of the “Islands of Pizza”
19.00: Delivery “Award Polselli”
20.00: Closing remarks
21.00: Jam Session Band Emerging


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